M&O PARIS 2017 Catalogue for Invitees

"Keynote Paper White" is requested by the client, and b7 Tranext is used for the base paper. The cover features a pattern on Japanese-style paper in two-tone silver ink, so as to relay a feeling of angle and altitude. Finally, a varnish is applied to seal out dirt.

All the exhibiting companies are providers of traditional Japanese materials. For that reason, in order to relay the feeling of the space where the material is utilized, the photo is handled as a "bleeding square", and a binding style was proposed and adopted using wrapping by Codex that results in a feeling more akin to a "material" than a "finished product".

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For the invitation paper stock, Japanese-style paper was used, while the envelope is the French-made "Curious Metallic Cream". When opening the envelope, invitees can feel a sense of "sparkling metal", and after opening, they are presented with the invitation using Japanese-style paper of a unique texture. Even with this combination of contrasting materials, a sense of luxury is relayed in the finish.


client:osaka design center